Courtside Bundle – Starts @ $55

Courtside Bundle Includes:

- 4 Gildan Brand Items

- All items with your custom logo.

- Full front logo on the long and short sleeve tees

- Pocket/Crest logo on the zip-hoody and sweatpants.

- Clothing colors are your choice.

$55 /Bundle

1 Color Logo

Price for the same design printed in the same color on all items.

$60 /Bundle

2 Color Logo

Price for the same design printed in the same colors on all items.

Custom Designs:
There are No Set-Up Fees for custom designs. If using a custom design please e-mail a copy of the requested logo or simply tell us what you have in mind. Just be specific. We will provide a proof for your approval prior to order confirmation.

Color Changes:
You may change the design color within your bundles for $1 per color change. If you change the color logo for one item, all alike items will be that color.

Example. Your bundle contains a black hooded sweatshirt with a white logo. The other three items in your bundle are royal blue with a red logo. Your bundles would cost and additional $1 each. Logo color changed only 1 time.

10 bundle minimum for all gear bundles.
Once minimum is met, additional items may be ordered at individual prices. Additional items will have the same designs as your bundles. If your bundles include full and pocket logos be sure to specify which size logo you’d like on your additional items.