Gear Bundles


  • Bundles consist of all items with the same logo, printed in the same color(s) on each item. Logo color change options are outlined below.
  • 12 bundle minimum.
  • Shipping Costs depend on full order value. 

Clothing Options

Clothing Colors

Clothing colors are your choice. You may have different color clothing throughout your bundles as long as your logo color will show on all chosen colors.


There are no additional charges for large sizes.

Logo Options

Custom Designs

There are No Set-Up Fees for custom designs. We will provide a proof for your approval prior to order confirmation.

Color Changes

You may change the design color within your bundles for $1 per color change. If you change the color logo for one item, all alike items will be that color.

Example. If your bundle includes a red hoody w/ black print and black sweats and tee shirts w/ red print, your bundles with be $1 more each.


For names and/or numbers you'll be instructed to provide a separate sheet including: Clothing Item, Clothing Size, Name/Number & Placement.


Names may be added to any item for $3 per name. 13 character max.


Numbers may be added to any item for $2 per number. Double digit numbers are still $2.

Minimum & Additional Items

12 bundle minimum for all gear bundles. Once minimum is met, additional items may be ordered at individual prices. Additional items will have the same designs as your bundles. If your bundles include full and pocket logos be sure to specify which size logo you'd like on your additional items.