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Q: Is there a minimum number of bundles I need to order?
A: In order to receive the bundle price you must order at least 10 bundles.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Order online or e-mail your completed order form to info@game-time-gear.com. We do not accept phone orders.

Q: How do you handle payment?
A: You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, school PO, money order, or personal check. When your gear arrives, your invoice will be on the top of one of the boxes. If paying by check, please include a single check for the entire amount. Have individual players make checks out to the ordering individual and send one check for the entire amount.

Q: What is meant by a one color logo and a two color logo?
A: These color are the logos only. For example: a one color logo would be something like a red design printed on your chosen clothing colors…a two color logo would be something like a red and black logo printed on your chosen clothing colors.

Q: Can I get the full front logo on all three tops included in the bundle?
A: Yes. Full logos on all tops adds only $1 per bundle.

Q: How does the pricing for the names and numbers work?
A: Names are $3 for each name printed. If you add a name to two different items it would be $6 added to your bundle price. Names do not need to be added by all individuals ordering.

Q: Do all of the articles of clothing have to be the same color?
A: No, clothing colors are your choice. However, in order to receive bundle pricing the logo printed on your gear needs to be the same color throughout. Make sure your logo color will show on the clothing colors you choose.

Q: If I decided to change the colors of the logo, how much more would it cost?
A: Each time you change the color of the logo it is $1 extra per bundle.

Q: Does each individual have to have the same color clothing in his/her bundle?
A: Yes. For example: if your team decides on navy blue long sleeve tee shirts then each bundle will will contain navy blue long sleeve tee shirts. The same is true for each item in your bundle.

Q: How long after I place an order will I receive it?
A: 15 days or less from your order confirmation.


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